Surface Water Management Fees

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What is the Surface Water Management Fee...

  • The surface water management fee was adopted by the City of Forest Lake in 2009 in response to the increased expenses stemming from the surface water management program, which was implemented as a result of the Clean Water Act of 1972 and the Water Quality Act of 1987
  • All tax parcels in the City of Forest Lake are assessed the fee
  • Currently, the fee is $40.00 per REF

What is the Fee Used For...

The surface water Management fee is used to pay for:

  • Culvert Installation
  • Culvert Repairs
  • Water Division Projects
  • Surface Water Mapping Projects
  • Field Inspections
  • Pond Cleaning
  • Water Testing
  • Other activities related to surface water management

2016 Surface Water Management Fee Expenditures Included...

  • Contract Street Sweeping - $70,000
  • Participation in Clear Lake Water Quality Project - $50,000
  • Purchase of storm line cleaning nozzle for Jetter Truck - $4,800
  • Lined 200 feet of storm pipe from Hilo Lane to the Lake - $18,500
  • 202nd & Goodview Ditch Cleaning Project - $16,900
  • Replaced 18 failed culverts around City of Forest Lake - $15,000 + labor
  • Drainage correction on Granada Ave -$1,000
  • Replace and reroute culvert on Log Lane - $5,000
  • Televising of storm sewer prior to 2018 road project - $3,500

How does Forest Lake's Surface Water Management Fee Compare with other City's?

*Chart below if from 2013-2014, fees may have been adjusted since this chart was originally published.

Storm Sewer Comparison Rates

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