Water Conservation Rebate

Water Rebate Header
In an effort to promote water conservation, the City of Forest Lake along with the Metropolitan Council are offering rebates for water utility customers who replace old Irrigation Controllers and Irrigation Spray Sprinkler Bodies with ones with EPA Water Sense Labels.  The rebate is $200 for Irrigation Controllers and $100 towards Irrigation Spray Sprinkler Bodies.  Rebates are only eligible for the replacement of existing appliances.

How do I qualify for the rebate?

Rebates are available to Forest Lake Residents who meet the following guidelines:
  • Applicant must be a Forest Lake Water Utility Customer
  • Irrigation Controller/Irrigation Spray Sprinkler Bodies must installed at a Forest Lake residential/commercial property currently served by the City's water system.
  • Applicant must be not be delinquent on utility charges.
  • Installation address can not be new construction or a vacation home.

Irrigation Controller Rebate

Irrigation Spray Sprinkler Body Rebate


What is the Process?

  • Upon installation of the qualifying Irrigation Controller or Irrigation Spray Sprinkler Body, property owner shall either complete and submit a copy of the rebate form to the City of Forest Lake.
  • The City will coordinate verification of the installed product with the property owner, which will include an inspection by City Staff. 
  • The rebate will be issued to the property owner either as a credit to their utility billings or a check as selected on the rebate form.